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I am delighted with the service I have received from Glassraven. The website they designed for me has had a terrific impact on my business. They understood the type of design I needed with very little input. I can’t recommend them highly enough ” 

Anna Dimes



Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services have been answered here. If you have a question that is not covered here please feel free to contact us.


How long does it take?

The length of time to create your website will vary depending on your specifications. As every project is different it is hard to pinpoint an exact length of time that the design work takes. However we've looked through our recent projects and given an approximation below to allow you to make sure you allow enough time for your launch.

Brochure Website Design

We always say to allow 7-10 working days from the start of the design process for a brochure website. This assumes that your content and logo etc are ready when we start work.

CMS / Photo Gallery Website Design

This type of website is more involved so we always say to allow a bit longer for this type of project, the average length of time being 2-3 weeks.

Ecommerce Website Design

We recommend allowing 3-4 weeks for this type of design work, in order to ensure that the website is working exactly how you want it to and to give time for you to upload all your products to the cart.

Logo Design

The average time from commencing a logo design project is 7-10 working days, though it can vary widely depending on how quickly we receive feedback at each design stage.

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How do you go about designing our website?

This is a question that we get asked quite regularly so we have put together a rough guide to the design process, from contact with Glassraven, through to your new website launch:

The Glassraven web design process.

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Urgent Projects

If you have a very tight deadline for your project please contact us to confirm our current availability. Urgent projects can generally be catered for, we have a 30% surcharge for urgent web projects and a 50% surcharge for print design projects ontop of our standard design rates.

We book all projects into our diary system in order to ensure that we can meet the deadlines of each client before undertaking a new project.


What does standards compliant mean?

Web Standards are a set of recommendations made by the World Wide Web Consortium (known as the W3C) and include recommendations for HTML, XHTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - the languages used to create your website.

Good web developers create standards compliant websites following these recommendations to make sure that the websites they create will be; accessible to the widest audience (including those with disabilities), perform better in the search engines (as a standards-compliant website separates content and design), load faster and allow easier updating of layout & design.

Although many websites do not comply with web standards, responsible web developers ensure that their sites comply because it is in the site owner's best interest.

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Why do I need Web Hosting?

Your website is made up of a collection of files which need to be placed on a computer which is permanently attached to the internet. Your web host provides you with space on their servers (high spec computers) and your domain is then directed at the server so your customers can view your website.

Our web hosting packages are competitively priced and offer many useful features such as a web based control panel so you can look at your webstats (who's viewing your website & where did they come from), read your email outside of the office, setup email autoresponders and more.

More details on our web hosting packages.

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Do I have to use Glassraven hosting?

No, you can host your website with the company of your choice.

We will need to be aware of your choice of host before beginning your site design to ensure that your website will run on your chosen server, as different hosts offer different packages, server types etc.

We do offer a range of different packages to suit all types of websites at competitive rates. More details on our web hosting packages.

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Can I use Glassraven hosting with my domain?

Yes! Whether you have already bought your domain name or not we can provide hosting services for your business. We can either provide details for you to point your domain onto our hosting servers, or if you prefer, we can sort this out for you.

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Why is my website not showing on Google?

A newly launched website can take time to appear in the search engines such as Google. Whilst we design all websites with the search engines in mind and will submit your new website to Google for you there is no guarantee that it will be immediately picked up.

There has been talk of a 'Google sandbox effect' whereby new websites do not tend to show up in Google for some weeks whilst they assess the worth of the website.

Generally speaking we have noticed that websites will appear quite quickly for searches for your own domain name (eg and then other terms such as your website name after a period of time (and this is different with all websites).

You can help to speed up the process - approaching other website owners to swap links, finding relevant directories to submit to and also writing articles to be featured on other websites (with a link to your website) can all help speed up your inclusion time in the search engines.

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What are your Payment Terms?

For projects over £100 in value we ask for a 50% deposit upfront, with the remainder payable upon completion of the project.

Payment is due within 14 days of invoice, we currently accept payment via cheque and bank transfer.

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Why should I choose Glassraven?

Since becoming established in early 2002 we've been providing website design services for a range of clients in many different sectors and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business.

We prefer to let our work and client testimonials speak for themselves - take a look through our online portfolios and you will see the standard of work we create.

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