Ecommerce Web Design Benefits & Features

A guided tour of your ecommerce administration area

Your store admin panel is where you control your ecommerce website. Your store has been designed with ease of use as a top priority. Take a look through the screenshots of the ecommerce administration area to see just how easy it is to maintain your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce web design - Manage your Products

Manage your products

Fully manage all of your online products in real time. Add / edit / delete products, and add an array of product information including the important SEO details. 
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You have no need to learn how to use special software to upload your products - your store has an integral image upload function which will automatically resize and optimise them for you as it is assigned to the product.

Sort your products and categories easily with just one click.

Ecommerce web design - Order Management  

Take control of your orders

All your orders are given a unique order number that is also confirmed to the customer in their order confirmation email. On the orders tab you can view this months order summaries: number, date, customer name, status, delivery method and payment method.

Click to expand and view the full details and update the order status - with the option to send a (customisable) message to your customer to notify them of the status change, so they will know when their order has been dispatched!

Ecommerce web design - Special Offers 

Market your website with special offers

Everybody loves a bargain, and within your store you have the function to add, edit and delete discount codes that you can give to your customers. Offer them percentage discounts, a set amount off, with or without free postage.

Creating unique codes for mailshots, or advertising campaigns, is a perfect way to increase the likelihood that customers will look at your website and its made easy within your ecommerce store administration area.

Ecommerce web design - Update Content 

Update your website content

As standard you can always update your website contact page to ensure that your customers will always know the best way to reach you.

Additional pages or elements of pages can be made accessible for you to easily update using a editor that has all the familiar features you are used to from word processing: bold, italics, underline, text justification; so you can be sure that your website provides the most up to date information to your customers.

Ecommerce web design - Store Setup  

Easy & quick store setup

Within the store setup area you can at any time:

- edit the email confirmations that your customer receives when they order from you to personalise it for your company.

- select which payment methods you will accept and update the delivery options available (set up options based on price, or number of items etc).

- edit various settings such as the email address your orders will be sent to, the size of your store images and more.

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Why choose Glassraven?

With years of experience in ecommerce web design our ecommerce cart is developed based on feedback from clients to provide everything you need for a successful ecommerce website.

The cart has been developed exclusively inhouse - this means that we can guide you through every aspect of your new ecommerce store.

Don't see a feature you need? Not a problem...

We frequently add new features, and can develop custom modules for your project.

Several of the ecommerce websites in our portfolio have bespoke modules - take a look at DIY Pest Control Ltd and Deli2Dine4.