Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce Web Design

An introduction to the SEO features of your ecommerce store

Our ecommerce web design solution has been designed so your products will be easy to find on google and other search engines.

The following built in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) features help improve your rankings and give you control over how the search engines see your new ecommerce store.

Product & Category SEO

You will find a number of SEO features in your product and category management.

Ecommerce web design - Category DescriptionsEach category has an optional descriptive area - text that will appear at the top of the category page under the category name. You can include your target keywords in this text to improve your search engine ranking.

Ecommerce web design - Search Engine descriptions 
Meta description and keywords
can be set for all categories. Whilst many search engines dont use these to calculate your ranking, a well written description alongside your link in the search listings improves customer clickthrough rates.

Ecommerce web design - Extended Page Titles  
Extended page titles
for categories & products. You can add extra information onto your product details page which you would not want to have on the product listing / category page.

Ecommerce web design - Product Summaries  
Optional product summaries
can be added to give a short introduction to your product on the product listing pages. Customers can then view the product page for more information.


Search Engine Friendly URLs

All products and categories have search engine friendly URLs. This means that your categories will have 'real names' which is not only advantageous for the search engines but also for your users.

Ecommerce web design - Search Engine Friendly URLsMany shopping carts have seemingly meaningless URL for the shop pages such as:

Your ecommerce website will have category & product names displayed in the following format:

The URL can be manually set, or automatically generated from your product or category name. The cart will automatically validate your URL to ensure it will be suitable for web use.

Ecommerce web design - URLs HighlightedUsing search engine friendly URLs also has the added benefit that google highlights relevant words in the links, as well as titles and (meta) descriptions.

More highlights in your listing makes your page seem more relevant to potential customers.


Web Standards Compliant Ecommerce Coding

Of course one of the main ways in which we improve website rankings for your ecommerce website is by adhering to the W3C website standards.

Standards Compliant Ecommerce web designWe use clean XHTML / CSS code for all our websites, separating content from design, which helps maximise your ranking potential, as well as the benefits to the website users of improved speed of download, increased usability and ensuring correct display in a wide range of browsers and operating systems.

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Why choose Glassraven?

With years of experience in ecommerce web design our ecommerce cart is developed based on feedback from clients to provide everything you need for a successful ecommerce website.

The cart has been developed exclusively inhouse - this means that we can guide you through every aspect of your new ecommerce store.

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Don't see a feature you need? Not a problem...

We frequently add new features, and can develop custom modules for your project.

Several of the ecommerce websites in our portfolio have bespoke modules - take a look at DIY Pest Control Ltd and Deli2Dine4.