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The Web Design Process Explained

Here we guide you through the standard design process that your new website will go through from initial contact with Glassraven, to launch of your brand new website!

Determining your requirements

We need to establish what your company requires from the new website, also background information on your business - products / services, audience, purpose and so on.

From this information we can then provide an accurate quote.

If you are local to us here in Coventry we can arrange a face to face meeting, or if it is more convenient we can discuss via the phone or email.

We have worked with customers from all over the UK, thanks to modern communication methods we can still offer the same high level of service wherever you are located.

Agreement of proposal

Based on your requirements we create a project proposal - this is a basic outline of your project and the costs involved. Once this is agreed your deposit signals your acceptance of the proposal.

Collection of design information

At this stage we gather information on how you wish your website to look and work.

To keep consistent branding your company logo, printed materials (flyers, stationery etc) and website content (even if this is just a rough draft at this point) are all useful at this stage.

If you have seen websites that you like any aspect of send us a link explaining what it is you like - this will all help us to determine what type of website you require for YOUR company.

Initial website design mockups

This is where the fun begins - Glassraven will create some initial mockups for your new website for you to critique. Your feedback is essential for us to create a website that is exactly how envisaged.Web Design Mockup Examples

Based on your feedback from the mockups Glassraven will complete a working design ready for use throughout your website - once approved we are ready for inserting the final content.

Optimisation of images and content

During this phase we work on any images that you wish to use on your website -optimising them for best quality with the smallest file size (and therefore faster download).

We will also proof-read your website text and make suggestions on how to optimise it for best search engine placement - why not read our Search Engine Optimisation article to give you some ideas.

Final proof reading and testing

Your website is almost ready... Prior to going live we recommend that you do a final proof read of your website and test that it is all working to your satisfaction prior to going live.

Your brand new website goes live

If you have opted for Glassraven web hosting we will upload your website, point your domain onto it and it will be visible for the world to see. If you have your own web hosting we will set the website live as soon as your final payment has been received.

Your new website is now ready for you to start advertising to drive visitors to the site - swap links with other websites, tell your friends and add your web address to your print materials.

Glassraven will submit your URL to Google and will provide you with information on a range of other free search engines and directories.

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How long does it take?

This all depends on the specifications of the project, we can give you a better estimate for your project launch once your requirements have been received.

As a guideline:

A basic brochure website generally takes a week - 10 days.

Ecommerce web design take longer, from a couple of weeks to a month depending on your requirements.

Bespoke web development varies hugely depending on requirements, every project is different and there is no real average project time. Call us on 01736 806446 or contact us via the website to discuss your project in detail.

Lead times vary and are always confirmed prior to work being carried out.

Urgent projects can generally be catered for, if you need your website launched for a specific date please confirm availability with us as soon as possible.

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